Only 3% of batteries are currently recycled in Australia

Batteries end up in landfills

The Problem

Batteries contain heavy metals which are toxic to the environment and human health. However, there still isn’t a convenient solution to dispose of batteries… until now.

Many initiatives to collect household batteries have been around for a while but they are all based on the idea that you have to go to a collection point, which puts most people off.

As a consequence, only 3% of batteries are currently recycled in Australia with 400 million household batteries ending up in landfill every year.

The Mission

After decades of reports, studies and conferences between governmental agencies, battery manufacturers and organisations in waste management, there is still no viable solution that can empower the community to stop this toxic pollution.

Of course, most people have the best intentions to recycle their batteries but only a few actually dispose of them at a recycling point. This is because existing solutions don’t integrate how most people live on a daily basis. Put simply, people almost always have something more important to do than travel to a recycling centre during their valuable free time. This is the primary reason why we are currently only recycling 3% of used batteries. is an initiative to improve battery recycling relaying in the community without the burden of trips to the recycling centre.

Together, the community can make the difference and be part of the solution if we provide the right tools.

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The Solution

We believe that batteries should be dropped into specific reusable boxes directly where you live. The technology to operate this initiative has been offered by volunteers and is free to use. Simply register your building address and we will be in touch with your executive committee or building manager to provide a small recycling box that could fit in your common area.

Only a few volunteers in each suburb are needed to operate the program.

On top of recycling batteries, we can reduce the pollution linked to trips to recycling centres by up to 75% as batteries will be dropped off in large quantities.

If you wish to contribute to this important environmental project and make a difference in your area (just one hour per month) please register your interest.